Tilting Drum Mixers


Ahead of the times with the newest Compact generation.
Used for mixing by the professionals.

Ease of use
The most important controls, such as the tilting lever and switches, are arranged to be user-friendly.

Optimum size of the raised-edge drum opening
Superb accessibility and practical drainage of the mixture.

Lighting and power connection innovatively combined in one device
Promises varied uses on any building site - 230V and 400V!

Tried and tested carriage
Guarantees mobility on the building site.

The specially constructed concrete mixing unit ensures excellent mixing results. The Compact generation tilting drum mixers are extremely robust and maintenance-free, ideally suited for everyday use on the building site.

Technical Data:

Item no. 52582
Motor 230/400V 0,75 KW
Gearbox 27 ¹ / min
Drum capacity 160 l
Mixing amount 100 l
Overall height 1490 mm
Overall widht 900 mm
Overall lenght 1350 mm
Drum diameter 643 mm
Drum height 576 mm
Tilt gear -
Weight 101 kg
Paintwork RAL 1013
Tyres Solid rubber