Tank construction

The ideal concept for each need.

We are the specialists for individual tailor-made tank technique. Irrespective of whether it is detached hours, a block of flats, trade or industry we supply the suitable solution for every need.

Our well-versed assembly team can handle difficult space and installation conditions. Tanks will be assembled on site in a professional and cost-efficient way.

Special tanks

For special customer specifications

In our production facility, we manufacture tanks according to customer specifications, ranging from a diameter of 300 mm up to 4.2 meters, with a height of 16 meters and a maximum weight of 20 tons.

Standard tank

constant quality

We have also established a strong reputation in the standard tank sector , particularly in the the border triangle of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our innovative and highly efficient welding robot allows us to produce standard tanks, starting from small series of five units, with completely unmanned cutting, tacking, and welding processes. This ensures consistent quality while maintaining high cost-effectiveness.