The contract manufacturing

Reliable and conscientious

We have also established ourselves well in the field of contract manufacturing. Over the years, an increasing number of customers have entrusted us with their orders, which we carry out reliably and conscientiously. With a production hall spanning 7000 m2 we can fulfill all customer requirements.

Laser parts

Exact results

Our plasma and laser systems can easily cut the following materials:

  • Steel (plasma up to 35 mm, laser up to 20 mm)
  • Stainless steel (laser up to 20 mm)
  • Aluminum (laser up to 10 mm)
  • Brass (laser up to 3 mm)
  • Galvanized sheets (laser up to 4 mm)

For laser cutting, we can accommodate formats up to 4.000 x 2.000 mm, while our plasma system can handle the largest format of 3.000 x 12.000 mm.

rolled and canted parts

Perfekt angles

We can fold metal for lengths up to 4 meters and a thickness of 8 mm. As for sheet rolling, we can accommodate diameters ranging from 250 mm to 4.000 mm, depending on the material thickness.


Clean Weld

Our locksmiths are trained professionals who undergo a welding test every three years to ensure their proficiency and expertise in the field.