Pan Mixer

DZ 300, DZ 500, DZ 750, DZ 1000 UHFB

The power packs for ultra-high-performance concrete

The innovative series of ultra-high-performance concrete mixers opens up new dimensions. The high density and strength of ultra-high-performance concrete, also known as ultra-high-strength concrete (UHSC), present new challenges for the industry.

To meet the specific requirements of ultra-high-performance concrete, our proven forced mixers have been further optimized.

A special arrangement of mixing components with low resistance, along with a low-maintenance high-performance gearbox, ensures highly homogeneous mixing results.

Noteworthy are the flexibility and portability of our machines. While large mixing plants or concrete trucks are typically required, our DZ 300V impresses as a compact powerhouse. This is especially advantageous in densely populated cities with limited space or remote areas.

Furthermore, our forced mixers for ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) offer proven features such as a drum casing made of highly wear-resistant steel, a sturdy base frame, adjustable satellite mixing blades partially made of Hardox steel, and much more.

Our CE-compliant concrete mixers impress with their state-of-the-art, highly robust construction and special safety features, including a foldable protective grid with an interlocked switch and a discharge protection grid.

Ideal for high-performance concrete

Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC), also known as ultra-high-strength concrete (UHSC), is utilized for structures or components that require not only high load-bearing capacity but also significant resistance to physical or chemical influences. A crucial factor in meeting the demanding requirements of this material is achieving a dense structure while maintaining good workability. With high-performance concrete, components can be designed to be significantly more delicate while maintaining the same load-bearing capacity, thereby enabling material and energy savings.

Technical Data

Item no. 58218 58318 58285 59453
Motor 400V, 15,0kW 400V, 30,00kW 400V, 30,00kW 400V, 37,00kW
Gearbox 40 1/min 40 1/min 40 1/min 40 1/min
Drum capacity 490 l 820 l 1100 l 1380 l
Recommended mixingamount 180 l 300 l 450 l 600 l
Overall height 1785 mm 2230 mm 2220 mm 2200 mm
Overall width 1305 mm 1470 mm 1635 mm 1700 mm
Overall length 1370 mm 1560 mm 1835 mm 2040 mm
Drum diameter 1138 mm 1290 mm 1488 mm 1672 mm
Drum height 500 mm 650 mm 650 mm 650 mm
Filling height 1785 mm 2230 mm 2220 mm 2200 mm
Drainage height 730 mm 840 mm 810 mm 810 mm
Weight 850 kg 1200 kg 1475 kg 1750 kg
Paintwork RAL 1013 RAL 1013 RAL 1013 RAL 1013
Miscellaneous Hinged protective grid Hinged protective grid Hinged protective grid Hinged protective grid
    Hydraulic plate opening Hydraulic plate opening Hydraulic plate opening
    Planetary gearbox Planetary gearbox Planetary gearbox