The Pioneer

Our new ECOline compulsory mixer series is recommended equally for both professional users and home builders. With the DZ 120ECO, we have successfully developed an all-purpose concrete mixer featuring an attractive price-performance ratio thanks to efficient innovations.

The ECOline is delivered featuring a stable, stationary design. An aperture in the solid lower structure and the welded-on eyelets enable transport using a forklift, lifting truck, or crane. To ensure that no limits are placed on flexibility, a 2-travelling roller conversion set is also available. This makes transport on construction-site terrain even less complicated. The bag opener, which is welded onto the folding flat protective grid as a standard, offers outstanding convenience.

The maintenance-free screw drive and the adjustable mixer components made of Hardox steel ensure excellent mixing results for fine and rough-grained mixing material featuring a grain size of up to 32 mm. Nearly all materials may be mixed using this compulsory mixer without an additional special mixing mechanism. The drum coating comprises 5 mm steel, is nearly free of wear-and-tear, and guarantees a long life. Speedy draining takes place a segmented slide in the base of the drum.

Our CE-conform ECOline is attractive thanks to its modern, high-quality construction and unbeatable mixing results. We guarantee an affordable, high-quality Austrian product for regular operation. It's an investment that pay for itself.

Optionally available: 2-travelling roller conversion set for ECOline
The practical 2-travelling roller system offers ideal mobility on construction site terrain. A set-up aid and lifting eyelets are featured for positioning the mixing-ready machine stably. The air-filled wheels cannot be lost thanks to the bolted lateral wheel attachment fixture.

Ideal for following mix

  • Concrete
  • Refractory masses
  • Spreading compounds
  • Screeds
  • Epoxy resins
  • Terrazzo
  • Steel fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Industrial floors
  • Granulates
  • Grinding pastes
  • All types of mortar
  • Fireclay
  • Acoustic plaster
  • Restorative plasters
  • Ready-to-use adhesive plasters
  • Spray plasters
  • Glue

Technical Data

  DZ 120ECO
Item no. 55734
Motor 400V, 3,00kW
Gearbox 36 ¹ / min
Drum capacity 196 l
Mixing amount 120 l
Overall height ready to for mixing 1300 mm
Overall width 970 mm
Overall length 1060 mm
Drum diameter 796 mm
Drum height 490 mm
Filling height 1300 mm
Drainage height 630 mm
Weight 243 kg
Paintwork RAL 1013
Optional Item no. 55738 2-travelling roller conversion set